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You may have noticed that lots of headshots on my website are done using the environment as a backdrop. These kinds of images are frequently referred to as environmental portraits. I love this style because it strikes a great balance between being professional and providing a casual, friendly vibe. Another great benefit of this style is that it allows me to easily photograph my clients wherever they are. This means that you save time, allowing you to spend that time focused on your business or on your clients. Even if you prefer the high contrast look of a white backdrop, I can travel to you instead of you wasting time traveling to me. That said, the prices below include me traveling to you.

Travel time, as it relates to the overall cost of a headshot, is just one thing to consider when choosing the best photographer for your headshot. Of course, the quality of their work is what matters most, but looking at the images they have taken may not be enough. How do you know that great looking headshots they show on their website actually reflect the subject's personality? How do you know that the experience to get to the final product was a good one? With me both of those things are assured? At least that's what my clients say. Click here to see testimonials.


Individual Headshots

An individual headshot session lasts up to an hour, with as many clothing changes as you would like during that time. During the session we take breaks to look at the photos and home in on what looks best. By the end of the session you will have chosen two images to be touched up. You receive those two images as four different file types so that you will always have the type of file you are being asked for. The file types are high resolution color and B&W, which should be used for print materials; and low resolution color and B&W, which should be used for electronic applications.

Cost: $350 plus tax 

Headshots for Multiple People

The logistics and cost for taking headshots of more than one person can vary greatly depending on what's needed. As the number of people goes up, the cost per person comes down, but so does the time spent with each person. Please call or email to discuss your particular details. My goal is to work out details that fit your particular needs, whether we photograph your whole office at once or do it over multiple days. In the end though, the process is the same. While I photograph the people in your office, we will take breaks to look at the photos and by the end of each person's session, they will have chosen their headshot.